Competition agenda 2020

19-4-20      America                  Lots 7:00 a.m.
17-5-20      Lottum                    Lots 7:00 a.m
  5-7-20      Venray                     Lots 7:00 a.m
13-9-20      Grubbenvorst         Lots 7:00 a.m

Fishing from 8:00 to 11:30 hrs.

After the last competition, is the award ceremony of this series.

H.S.V. Eendracht – Broekhuizenvorst

H.S.V. ‘t Bliekske – Horst

H.S.V. De Put – America

H.S.V. ‘t Voorntje – Grubbenvorst

H.S.V. Willem Barentz – Lottum

H.S.V. De Roerdomp – Venray

H.S.V. Het Alvertje – Oostrum

H.S.V. Grondel Geduld – Meerlo&Blitterswijck

H.S.V. De karper – Lomm

Participants in the Land of Molenbeek competitions must be a member of an angling club that is a member of the Land of Molenbeek and is in possession of the Land of Molenbeek licence.
    1. Each participant is expected to be aware of the contents of these rules. Failure to comply with them will result in his exclusion.
    2. For these five races, the rules of the association concerned apply.
    3. The organizing association takes care of the places.
    4. Associations that have a scale bring it with them and discuss it with the organizing association where they have to weigh.
    5. The entry fee is € 12.- in total, to be paid for the 1st contest.
    6. Teams can also participate per club. For the count: see the regulations for team competitions.
    7. Agreements about the duration of the competition will be made during the annual L.V.M. meeting. The series of 2017 is this 3.5 hours. Changes and/or additions to these regulations can only take place with a majority of votes. Two persons are entitled to vote per club. Evaluation in 2017. Then the new fishing locations for 2018 will also be drawn.
    8. Testing and measuring before the competition is allowed.
    9. The first signal is feeding and fishing. After this signal, only light and moderate additional feeding is allowed. Cuprod is allowed.
    10. The second signal is at the end of the race. Fish, caught during the final signal, still counts. If this is a heavy fish (e.g. carp) it must be in the landing net within 15 minutes after the final signal.
    11. Any bait is allowed except for the vase, live or small pieces of fish and lures.
    12. In addition, it is only allowed to fish for zinc with a small lead. The use of food baskets or food on the line is prohibited.
    13. The distance between the participants must be at least 12 metres or the permanently numbered fishing area. Each participant may sit a maximum of 1 meter to the right or left of his number.
    14. All fish caught will be weighed. The fish must be kept in the living net until the weighing team arrives.
    15. The use of the feed catapult is prohibited.
    16. Those who arrive late, that is after the first signal has been given, may no longer land heavily.
    17. The payment of the deposit fees must be made by one person per club. This person also draws the numbers.
    18. All deposits must be converted into cash prizes. Each association is responsible for this.
    19. Prizes are 1 to 3.
    20. In case of equal weight, the lot will decide the placement.
    21. In case of thunderstorms, a signal can be given that the competition is interrupted. If two-thirds of the race has ended, the race will be considered to have ended. If not, the tournament committee will decide if and when to continue fishing.
    22. Course of events concerning the prizes and boxes (see appendix.)
    23. Scoring of points for the classification (see appendix.)
    24. Any comments or remarks about the competition must be communicated by the participants to the organizing club immediately after the competition.
    25. It is your duty to leave the fishing area clean.
    26. In all cases not covered by these rules, the tournament committee will decide.
    27. In Grubbenvorst there is a total ban on fishing and feeding with cat food and dog food.

Course of events concerning prices and subjects.
There are no more daily prices made. From the season 2017 the deposit will
be paid at the last match. This is partly to simplify the puzzling with the prizes and to take work off the hands of the tournament committee. The prize money will be converted into gift vouchers.
Prizes 1:3
Points for the classification.
The scoring is as follows:

The numbers 1 of the box get 1 point.
The numbers 2 of the box get 2 points. So on to the last place.
If you don’t participate or don’t hand in your card, you get 2 points more than the number of participants in the largest section.
Rules of the team competition
1    A team consists of 3 persons and is named after one of them (e.g. team van der Coelen or the cheerful fishermen).

2    A team may also consist of members of different associations.
3    Their names must be given before the first match and no changes may be made to them during the series.
4    The entry fee is € 9,- per team for the whole series, to be paid before the start of the first competition.

5    The team game will be fished for points, based on the points which team member gets during the game.
6    One reserve participant may be appointed per team. This fixed reserve has to be used for all matches individually.

The total weight in the race determines the number of points. Highest weight 1 point, second highest weight 2 points and so on.
On the basis of this total number of points, the teams are ranked and they are awarded competition points.

After the complete match, the points are added up and the final score is created.
The team with the lowest number of match points over the 4 games is the winner.
In case of an equal number of match points, the total number of points will be decided, if this is also the case, then we will look at the highest weight.
All 4 games count in the rankings.
Depending on the number of participating teams, 2 or more divisible prizes will be put together for the winning teams. These prizes will be awarded after the last match.

Thus determined in Horst on 10 November 2016 by representative of Horst, Oostrum, America, Lottum, Grubbenvorst, Broekhuizen, Meerlo / Blitterswijck, Lomm and board Land van Molenbeek.

Links to the various competition rules.

Regulations HSV Grondel Geduld.
Maximum rod length including cord is 11 meters with a maximum of 1 hook and it is assumed that the float can carry the lead (use of sinker or feather etc. during competitions is not allowed);
Location will be determined by drawing lots (half an hour before the start of the competition);
A maximum of 500 grams of feed per competition is allowed. This includes corn, potato or whatever you feed (must be weighable);
A maximum of 1/4 litre of white maggots and casters (together) is allowed per competition, fresh hemp and varnish are not allowed;
It is allowed to rig and gauge before the competition;
First signal is feeding and fishing, second signal is end race;
Fish caught during the final signal still counts;
All fish caught will be weighed, provided they are kept in a life net in the water until the weighing team arrives;
Fishing is only allowed from the jetties;
Fish that have been caught may be handled with a cloth, etc. that is not dry (preferably with wet hands);
Any comments or remarks should be reported to the tournament committee;
If these regulations do not provide for this, the tournament committee will decide.

Competition rules HSV Willem Een 2020

  1. Fishing with 1 fixed rod, 1 single hook

  2. Angling length maximum 9,5 meter and rod with line maximum 15 meter.

  3. It is allowed to fish with a feeding plate.

  4. Feed: a total of 500 grams of dry food, 0.25 litres of white maggots, including all permitted bait species, with the exception of fresh vase, red maggots, live or pieces of fish and lures which are prohibited.
    The feed must be weighable.

  5. Equipment and gauges for the competition are allowed.

  6. Fish caught during the final signal still counts and will be weighed until 0.5 hours after the race.

  7. Fishing for weight, number, points, all fish caught must be kept in a sufficiently large net.

  8. Scaffolding and decks shall not be in the water.

  9. Participation is open from the age of 14 years.

  10. Those who do not comply with these regulations will be disqualified for the competition in question.

  11. Competitors must be in possession of the national fishing pass and membership card.

  12. Where these regulations do not provide for it, the tournament committee will decide